Lueur des Sens

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In the heart of French Provence, the city of Grasse with its rich flower gardens inspires worldwide renowned perfumers such as the Muraour family counting four generations of local perfumers. In 1982, Alain Muraour founded AC&M Parfums SA now relocated in Geneva Switzerland. The laboratory has evolved into a high-tech eco-friendly factory holding in its vault some of the most prestigious perfum formulas. 

Eléonore Malhomme-Muraour and Arthur Hardy-Neel work together under the tutelage of prestigious perfume masters such as Vanina Muraour to crate handmade candles of exceptional quality. By overviewing the whole process, the candle designers will entirely personalize your luxurious organic candles. 

From fragrance design to glass and packaging as well as engravings and logo, following your desires and wishes, “Lueur des Sens” candles will match your personality and enhance the atmosphere of your house, boat or hotel. 

To ensure perfection till the end of the process, the founders follow a code: