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Established in Geneva in 1991 by Jean-Luc Läveque, Nicolas Berthoud and Jean-Marc Monnard, the sailmakers Europ’Sails extends itself all over the European territory. Europ’Sails won its spurs by equipping Metre rule sail yachts, which are to be encountered on all the most beautiful worldwide ponds. 

The sailmakers are active and have won numerous titles in various other classes such as monotype, IMOCA, IRC, ORC, HN. Europ’Sails conceives, manufactures, transforms and repairs yacht sails and all types of fabric accessories. Amongst its activities, you can find design studies, supply and fitting of winding and chandlery, manufacture of decorative marking or painted advertising, inserts or self-adhesives as well as fabrication of terrace and garden awnings and interior decoration.

 However, Europ’Sails is foremost focused on listening to your requirements, should you be an amateur sailor, a cruise lover, a circum navigator, a regatta sailor, a professional sailor or a captain of a super yacht, you will find the competent person, the know-how and the after-sales service of an original Helvetian company.